Roller Shutters

Elite Fabrications specialize in the Manufacture, Distribution and Installation of all types of Roller Shutters. Since 1995, we have manufactured Roller Shutters at our factory close to the centre of Bradford. All our Roller Shutters are produced to the highest standard, each tailor-made to suit the specific environment of our clients.

We offer a FREE quotation within the hour and promise you the very best in customer service. As an experienced company, we take the time and care to identify your specific requirements and take pride in developing the best value Roller Shutters to suit your needs.

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looking for Fittings ? 

Elite Hardware Direct are a West Yorkshire based company who have over 30 years of experience in the supply of UPVC and Aluminium Window and Doors products.

We provide floor springs, Folding door fittings, Bottom track, Glass door locks, handles and patch fittings : all available at

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